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Our agent, Michelle, was amazing! She provided references for needed services, extra tips to the house for information for us and was always available. She has become a trusted resource and a wonderful friend. there is never a weird question she can’t answer. We feel we have become part of the family. Leslie and Cindi have been wonderful to work with and we can’t imagine doing business with anyone else.


Carolina Mountain Homes went above and beyond in serving my real estate needs. very professional and helpful in developing the CMA and listing price; marketing/advertising our home.
Troy and Joan Martel ~ Sellers
We have been doing business with Carolina Mountain Homes since 2000! We are always impressed y their professionalism, attention to detail, integrity and service. They are the very best! We recommend them always!
Larry and Pam Leturmy ~ Sellers
Carolina Mountain Homes took care of EVERYTHING!
Mr. & Mrs. Duane Gust ~ Buyers
Our agent is a “Live Wire”. She brought together a buyer and our property that fit like a glove! And she continues to assist us. She thought of everything!
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Chancey ~ Buyer
Our agent handled each detail for us. She made everything seamless on our end.
Mr. and Mrs. Bechtelheimer ~ Buyer
Our agent took the time to make sure we got the best lot for the best price. She “got” us!
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dant ~ Buyer
Our agent was always available whenever we had questions or needed her to stop by the house
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Peters ~ Buyer
“Our agents were very helpful throughout the process of buying our new home. We would definitely recommend them to others. We are very satisfied.”
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hughes ~ Buyers
“Our agent said it may take up to a year to sell our property but got it sold in 4 months! All at Carolina Mountain Homes are Great!”
Clinton Squires and Michael Otterson ~ Sellers
“We’d like to thank our realtor for all she did. She was professional and knowledgeable and kept us well apprised of all negotiations.”
Mr. & Mrs. James Wright ~ Sellers

“Our agents went above and beyond when they showed us houses without notice, same day.”

Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Huber ~ Buyers
Our agent is great! Being from out of state, she helped us get the property set up as a rental. This is our second purchase with our agent. She loves what she does and it shows!
William and Linda Pettibon ~ Buyers
Thank to my agent for doing such a great job selling my home. God Bless you.
Susan Clamplitt ~ Seller
I can not say enough good about my agents, who went above and beyond, the office staff and the property manager. They were all nice and helpful. Thank you for everything, and I do mean everything and everyone.
Kenny Dodd ~ Seller
Our agent was very hands-on throughout the deal and easy to get in touch with. We are very pleased with our agent and hope to use her in the future.
Mr. and Mrs. Deland ~ Buyers
We had fun and were very impressed with our agent.
Doug and Linda Shelton ~ Buyers
We had the most pleasant home buying experience. Our agent checked on the house for us because we don’t live close. She also met with anyone we would ask her to. We’ve already recommended her to others!
John and Kate Bennett ~ Buyers
Our agent was wonderful and we will happily refer people to her.
Harold and Pat Halvorson ~ Buyers

Our agent is a great realtor! She was always accessible, convinced us to “think outside the box”, and knew the area. She felt like an old friend instead of a realtor.

Ronald and Shelley Peace ~ Buyers
I would use the Carolina Mountain Homes agents again in buying or selling property and recommend them to friends and family.
Robert and Janet Mitchell ~ Sellers
Our agent is GREAT!
James and Mary Anthony ~ Sellers
Our agents made our experience, of trying to sell a home while being in another state, very easy. They kept us informed on what the local housing market was doing and stayed in touch every so often to make sure we were updated on where we stood with any potential interest in the home and were very helpful with all that goes into the closing process.
Kathy Cook and Robyn Mincek ~ Sellers
I was very satisfied with Carolina Mountain Homes, and my agent. We got it sold!
Bill Franklin
We were only coming to the area once a year and our agent was great about showing us as many properties as she could. She communicated with us, but not too much. It was a great experience.
Scott Mello and Heather Payne ~ Buyers
Thank you so much for taking the extra effort to make our first home purchase successful. You were there guiding us through all the crucial and important steps! You really listened to what we wanted in our home and you found exactly what we were looking for – at an amazing price! If we ever outgrow this home, we’ll definitely be calling you!
The Moore Family
Our agent went above and beyond as she helped us with services even after the sale and she’s offered future help as well.
James and Maria McNally ~ Buyers
My agents were always available or quick to respond. They had answers to my questions. I am a realtor in Florida so I understand the dedication it takes, and they have it.
Mr. William Belian ~ Buyer
My agent was always helpful and she worked very hard on selling the property. Thank you 🙂
Ms. Alma Baker ~ Seller
I was very satisfied with my listing agent, Carolina Mtn. Homes, and the service I received. The agent was referred to me by someone and I will recommend her also.
Dan Curtis ~ Seller
Personal friends of mine recommended my agent. The For Sale sign went up immediately. She has another property of mine listed also.
Ms. Carole Johnson ~ Seller
Our agent was always texting and emailing us property listings, land for sale etc. She was always keeping us, and our needs, in mind. Thanks!
David and Dominica Jennings
I love and miss all of you. So happy to have had the opportunity to work at the best, fair, noble, loving real estate company in Murphy. Love you
Carol Harting ~ Former Carolina Mountain Homes Agent
Our agent always made herself available and offered great advice when we asked questions. We actually miss our agent since moving. Her happy personality makes you want to be around her. Honesty is a strong attribute of hers, as are many others.
Frank and Donna Merritt ~ Sellers
Our agent was fantastic throughout the process. We are very, very satisfied. We’ve already recommended her to others. She was the only agent we spoke to that actually listened to us about our wants and needs. We call her The SUPER Agent.
Anthony and Debra Bommarito ~ Buyers

Everything related to the sale went exceptionally well. I really enjoyed working with my agent.

William Dietz ~ Buyer

Our agent spent the entire day driving us around, not once but twice. She also recommended a local bank for financing to expedite loan approval.

Paul and Beverly Van Wyk ~ Buyers
Our agent was on business and still managed to give us answers and provide help with whatever we needed, anytime and every time we called. We’ve recommended her to several people that were talking about buying a house. We try to help those who helped us. Thanks to all the staff at Carolina Mtn. Homes. You’ve made our home buying process easy and quick.
Charles and Teresa Choplin ~ Buyers
We were very satisfied with our broker. She was amazingly helpful. She knew we were doing everything long distance so she took the time to contact all repair professionals and/or exterminators, etc., got quotes for us and made introductions to help us with everything we needed.
Mr. and Mrs. William Bechtelheimer
Everyone in the office was excellent in their abilities to meet our needs.
Robert and Amber Best ~ Buyers
It was a pleasure doing business with our agent at Carolina Mtn. Homes. She’s an asset to the company. I really appreciated her knowledge, flexibility and customer service skills. She went above and beyond what I ever expected when it came to some issues with the property. I wish the best for everyone and I’m enjoying my first home very much. Thanks again to my agent.
Ms. Jessie Ruth Erickson ~ Buyer
Our agents were excellent and provided the right guidance to us a new purchasers in the state of NC. They stayed in touch with us throughout the process. Carolina Mtn. Homes should be proud to have them on the team!
Robert and Amber Best ~ Buyers
My agent was there to do any number of things such as telephoning and trips to the cabin since I’m out of state. She became my friend.
Beverly Van Buren
My agent was personable, professional and knowledgeable.
Mr. Bell ~ Seller
My agent helped me to see what was important to do in order to help my home sell. My agent walked with me in every way and kept me informed; she always let me know about the buyers looking at my home and what their comments were.
Theresa Paiva ~ Seller

“Our agent is a great real estate agent and a great person. She worked very hard for and never gave up on finding the home we were looking for. She’s very special to us.

Riley and Ella Sue Bright ~ Buyers
“I can’t say enough wonderful comments about my agents. They made what seemed impossible – possible! They called and emailed and gave realistic expectations. Most helpful was their coordination for the driveway repair and termite rep since I lived out of the area. Very, very pleased. Thank you!!”
Debra Annam ~ Seller
Cynthia gave her agent/broker, whom she worked with before, the highest marks on our survey. Another fully satisfied client.
Cynthia Peoples ~ Buyer
Our agent did a great job.
Pearly and Shirley Bradshaw ~ Buyers
My broker is The Best!
Charles McCann ~ Seller
Our agent is absolutely the very best ever! and we’ve dealt with a lot of others! We are sooo appreciative!
James and Sandra Holzworth ~ Buyers
My Carolina Mtn. Home agent was very helpful every step of the way.
Jacquelyn Tatman ~ Buyer
Our agent kept us informed on the interior of the property (cabin) re: what needed to be done to sell. She was friendly and business like, getting the job done. She also helped with personal items that needed to be taken care of when we weren’t present.
Jim and Judy Caudle ~ Sellers
Our agent is a real plus to Carolina Mtn. Homes. I have suggested to family and friends to consider her for their real estate needs. She is a great agent and a real jewel. She was there to help expedite the closing, put off her vacation – what a gal. We actually consider her a friend.
Bob and Kim Rhodes ~ Buyers
Our agents are wonderful people as well as great agents. We feel we became friends and wish we were closer to let this friendship grow! They were always available to answer or return calls and patient with questions.
Mr. and Mrs. Raiche ~ Sellers
For this transaction there was no need for “above and beyond” but our agent has gone way out of her way for us before.
John and Martha Penz ~ Buyers
I could not have asked for or found a better agent. Her patience is amazing. She has remained a friend and continues to help me adjust to living in a new home and area. My agent fully understood my goals of what I was looking for!
Darlene Stuart ~ Buyer
We will call our agent to list our house in Murphy when it is vacant.

Waylon and Marian Hill ~ Buyers

Not being local, all of my initial research was done online. I requested info on numerous parcels from several different agencies. Our agent was the only one who responded to my inquiries! She took my interest seriously – which I’m sure is a challenge when dealing long distance with many inquiries which don’t often pan out. I’m sure your beautiful area has alot of casual “window shoppers.”
Wade Farrell and Marjorie Roberts – Buyers
To our agent: “You were great!
Robert and Gail Walter – Buyers
Our agents advertised my property extensively. They couldn’t have done more, (and it was only a lot). Our agents are the greatest!
Charles and Betty Taylor – Sellers
Our agent did an outstanding job. She’s very thorough and explains everything and she returns messages! She really helped by giving us ideas along the way. She was very persistent in addressing problems that might have killed the deal otherwise. We will recommend her to anyone looking for property in her region.
Larry Brown and Joanna Beer
My agents are very knowledgeable. I trust them completely and I’ve already recommended them to others. They sent me a flyer regarding the property to me in the mail. I looked at the flyer for a couple of days and decided to buy it. They called me frequently throughout the process. I enjoyed experience.
Susan Haley – Buyer
My agent was very easy to work with and did a great job with a labor involved sale. Thanks to Bonnie, an agent that retired from the company, for the referral. Both ladies were amazing. Donna went above and beyond as she continued research regarding HUD and necessary information for closing.
Cinny McCaulley – Buyer
Our agent is a great asset to Carolina Mtn. Homes. She’s very pleasant to work with. Even when we called after hours she answered all our questions and was very supportive of us. We will highly recommend her to our friends. She went above and beyond when she went to the house to make sure the heat was on, check the water and measure walls for us because we were too far away to get these things done ourselves.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bazzle – Buyers
Our search for a house was over several months and our agent kept in constant contact. She previewed all the houses so we didn’t have to waste time when we came to Murphy. She worked diligently with the bank to close the sale. She went above and beyond in helping us before and after we closed. She helped coordinate the many inspectors and workers before the sale. After we closed she was invaluable in helping us get furniture delivered, connecting us with local craftsmen and services, and continues to help. She welcomed us to the town of Murphy and made us feel very at home.
Jeffrey and Nancy Doughman – Buyers
Our agent went way beyond on our behalf. She was, to say the least, the most helpful agent I’ve ever had. She’s such an asset to the Carolina Mtn. Home Office in her attitude and work ethic. We could not ask for more.
Sam and Juliana Bynum – Buyers
Our agent was referred to us by an insurance agent. This wasn’t an easy closing due to having to get paperwork from previous owners but we got it got done with the help of our agent. She went above and beyond in serving us when she arranged to have our yard mowed.
Barry and Charlotte Cole – Sellers
Our agent was “very professional and personable”. I would use her again and recommend her to family and friends.
Robert Bell – Buyer
“I was pleased with my agents and hope to deal with them again.”
Nadine McCarley – Buyer
The Miller’s said they were Very Satisfied with their Real Estate broker an give her “100% in every category”.
Robert and Shirley Miller – Buyers
When showing us homes our agents spent as much time as needed, even when it was as late as 6:30-7:00 PM.
Peter and Lynne Jubb – Buyers
My agents helped me after the closing with a water rights issue. They brought people to see my house prior to getting the listing…so, they got the listing. Thanks all.
Robert Kelly – Seller
Our agents went above and beyond “helping us find workmen for repairs, always courteous and helpful; keeping us informed of progree and proceedings. Thanks!”
Highly Satisfied Seller
“Our agent provided help in getting maintenance and cleaning done at the house. We feel our agent was most helpful in completing our purchase.”
Leo Kimpling – Buyer
Our agent “went the extra mile for us. She made us feel like we were the only people in the world buying a house. The whole staff went out of their way for us.”
Satisfied Buyer
Actions in going above & beyond in serving my real estate needs: “Aggressive marketing; this includes competent and up to date social marketing skills- impressive photography with a very accurate portrayal. The weekly market update is a very impressive email tool. Thank you Carolina Mtn Homes for allowing us to get on with our lives!”
Bill Hoerger and Gretchen Telke – Sellers
“I will highly recommend our agent to anyone I know. She’s a fabulous agent! Superior! Best agent in Cherokee County.”
Phillip and Susan Blackburn
“We live in Mississippi and our agent was very helpful. She was always ready to talk with us and help us every time we called. She was extremely friendly and informative. We are very Pleased!!!”
Thomas and Catherine Reynolds
“Our agent connected us with plumbers, electricians and help for moving. She had our roof cleaned off before we arrived. She never gave up. She kept searching until we found the perfect house. She constantly gave us support & good advice.”
George and Diane Barfield – Buyers
Ronald gave his agent 3 enthusiastic checks (only 1 required) in several of the categories on our customer surveys! He says he’ll recommend her to friends and family members.
Ronald Lee Merrell
The Whaler’s were very satisfied with the service they received from their agent. They commented that she went above and beyond as she “called the tax office and insurance company on their behalf.”
Lenny and Autumn Wahl
We were extremely satisfied with everything. Our agents completed services for us in order to get the purchase through as we were unable to be there ourselves (as in setting up appliance installation and delivery on their own). Our sincere thanks to the efforts and patience that our agents showed us throughout this experience. We have nothing but positive comments about both of them and will recommend them to any potential buyers we meet.
The Howards
“My agent was a friend (sister) from the start! She treated me like family as well as everyone in the office. You have made this move a pleasant one in at times a challenging situation.”
Lorrie Griffith – Buyer
Agent went out of her way to help me find a new home. Her kindness and professional knowledge was outstanding. If I had a question about anything she would go out of her way to find the answer. Since I was relocating they kept me informed by phone & e-mail constantly. They were fantastic!
Sherry Smith – Buyer
Our agent was professional, helpful & honest throughout our house hunting. She kept in touch with us after our return to Florida until everything was finalized. We’d recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell. We were fortunate to have her to work with on finding our lovely retirement home in Murphy, NC. She went above & beyond to be sure we were satisfied & settled in our new home. If there were truly more people in the Real Estate business like Agent it would be a great benefit for everyone involved. Agent is truly an asset for Carolina Mtn. Home Real Estate.
Fred Abbott – Buyer
Our agents were extremely helpful getting our home through obstacles to close the sale -working with the well company in the rain, helping get the power back on, cleaning out the home. Through e-mails, they kept us informed almost daily. If I thought of a question, they gave me the answer before I could ask it. I’ve been passing out their business cards to anyone I know that is interested in the mountains. It was truly a pleasure to work with the Agents.
Samuel Trimble
Agent was wonderful to work with. Honest, no pressure, knows the area. Very pleasant. This was the easiest real estate transaction I’ve ever made! Thank you.
Jon & Peggy Lessig
Agents were wonderful. Went way above the call of duty in helping us relocate from New Hampshire. I’ve never had such a positive experience or received such exceptional service in any of our other real estate transactions. They’re a great team!
Clark Hein – Buyer
Agent was an outstanding agent and if I ever have the opportunity to use her again, she will be my only choice.
Ron Kirchner
Agent was the best!!! None better. She got local services to handle things (cleaning, bugs, chimney sweeps) for us as we’re not here all the time. You should have every office filled with sales agents like this Agent. You would put the rest of them out of business (meaning your “friendly competitors”).
Paul Reid
Agent helped us find the area where we bought which we feel is undervalued and a great buy. She knows the area very well. She’s also a great person – just the kind of person who makes us want to have a vacation home in Murphy. She is terrific. She helped every step of the way, from recommending a bank, lawyers, surveyor, etc. We used her to find our first property here and didn’t hesitate to use her again. Whatever she’s making, it’s not enough!
Benjamin Wesley – Buyer
Our agent was an absolute delight. She went way over and beyond showing us houses. She was very professional and knew her houses well. She had the information we wanted and, if she didn’t know, she found out. Also was able to help out by giving us reputable people in the area that could paint and do the extra work we wanted done. (She was great!) And she still stays in contact.
Jim Parker – Buyer
Agent always had the ability to defuse the mose stressful moments with her calming, positive attitude. I cannot say enough about her professionalism, friendly smile, helpfulness and, although she is young, her experience in handling all aspects of selling our home. Carolina Mtn. Homes was the 3rd realtor we signed within one year’s time and Carolina Mtn. Homes never disappointed us in any respect. She always did what she said when she said it and never left us sitting on the shelf like the others before her. She made many phone calls which we could have done ourselves; came to our home many times with paperwork when we could have easily gone to her office; went into town for related matters to save us the trip. She is a real attribute to her office and her profession. We were very lucky to have her as our agent.
Albert Casessa & Sharon Mazzei – Sellers
We were very pleased with our agent and her efforts to sell our home. She always was very positive and reminded us that our home would sell. It was shown many time. Thanks again.
Stanley Klos – Seller
I have purchased and sold a home with the same Carolina Mtn. Homes agent. Her exceptional ethics and working with me influenced me in suggesting and recommending her to my husband who also was selling a home. My old neighbor also listed with the agent because she is more ethical, honest and wonderful to work with than other agents. It would be really good if other real estate agents would deal with customers as our agent does: honest, hardworking, attentive, not pushy but listens, etc.
Colleen Davis – Buyer and Seller
Thank you Carolina Mountain so much for taking the extra effort. We had attempted to sell our home through another Real Estate office. When we listed with Carolina Mountain Homes our agent suggested a price reduction and quickly sold our home. Thank you Carolina Mountain Homes. Your agents are a real asset.
Max Epling – Seller
Our agent at Carolina Mountain Homes went out of her way to help me find a new home. Her kindness and professional knowledge was outstanding. She answered all my questions.Thank You Carolina Mountain Homes
Sherry Smith – Buyer
Our agent at Carolina Mountain Homes was excellent. Her Knowledge in all areas made it a pleasure to work withCarolina Mountain Homes.
James Anthony, Murphy NC
Our agents were very personable and let it be known throughout the process that they were there to do whatever they could to sell our property.
Louise Megargee ~ Seller
My agents were great! I’ve already recommended Carolina Mountain Homes and the agents to others.
Gerald Dickerson ~ Buyer
Our agent was available for us no matter what. She’s very dedicated, professional, nice and honest.
Patrick Keenan ~ Seller
My agent went above and beyond in her responsiveness.
William Sandonato ~ Seller
Our agent certainly went above and beyond – she even helped us move!
Mr. and Mrs. Don Watson ~ Seller
We were very pleased with our experience with Carolina Mountain Homes. We received good advice about selling the furniture and the slide show (virtual tour) of the cabin was really good. Also, we were kept informed of everything going on. Very pleased.
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Cardin ~ Sellers
Our agent new the property very well and was able to provide important advice throughout the process.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Patton ~ Sellers
Our agent was willingly there for the well inspection and repair during the due diligence period. She did an excellent job. We would definitely refer friends and family to her and we look forward to our next purchase/sale..
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent ~ Buyers
Our agent is the most caring, honest broker that I have met. I would refer all my friends to her when purchasing a home. She took a lot of time to show us around when we were there and kept us informed when we were. She’s the best – a great asset to your company.
Mr. and Mrs. Billy White ~ Buyers
I just want to thank my agents for helping me so much. They helped me find exactly what I was looking for, and within my budget.
Jeffrey Hancock ~ Buyer
Our agent and the staff at Carolina Mtn. Homes are exemplary folks that Carolina Mtn. Homes and the real estate industry should be proud to call their own. They always have time and energy to deal with exhaustive and often taxing situations – true professionals in all aspects. Ya’ll are great! Thanks for making my dream come true!!
Mike and Fritzi Jones ~ Buyers
I was very satisfied with my broker and my experience with Carolina Mountain Homes. I have already referred three people to your office.
Douglas Belcher ~ Buyer
Our agent made buying our house so enjoyable. Always a smile on her face and a warm greeting. She kept us updated regularly on the house, and always answered our questions in a timely manner. She’s the best real estate agent!
Mr. and Mrs. Lamendola ~ Buyers
My agent was fantastic the entire time. We had great communication!! I was never left out of the loop. She kept me informed the entire time. I never felt ignored or unimportant. Thank you
Kathy Carlisle ~ Seller
Our agent went above and beyond by driving a long distance to meet with us. She is great.
Bryan and Mary Jane Mascoe ~ Sellers
Our agents were very friendly and courteous. They went above and beyond with being helpful.
Mr. and Mrs. Parrodo ~ Sellers
We were very satisfied with our agent. She worked closely with us on seeing all the homes we wanted to see. She was excellent.
Thomas and Sharon Caley ~ Buyers
Our agents were not only professional, but great friends to have. They were very helpful and we were very satisfied.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wigman
“Thank You” to our agents, who were very pleasant, supportive, informative and gave numerous helpful suggestions without being forceful or pushy about it. We were very satisfied.
George and Mary Watson
We were very satisfied with our agent and Carolina Mountain Homes. Our agent was the best!
Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Popa
We enjoyed working with our agent. She was very patient with us and made sure we found the right home. She made phone calls on our behalf, knew the right people to call and when. She put a lot of work in this project. Overall we were very satisfied.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Williamson
We can’t begin to list all the ways that our agent threw herself into keeping us informed, working through issues and details totally new to us and reassuring us along the way. She was available anytime we needed her. We’ve never experienced a realtor of her caliber and we’ve purchased several homes! Not only was she the optimum of professionalism, she treated us as friends and we treasure her! You have a great staff in everyone from your front desk on that we came in contact with. God bless you all and give you success.
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Dover
We were very satisfied with our agent. On closing day she transported us to closing. She also helped us find our lost cat! We would recommend her to friends and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Willis
We were very satisfied with Carolina Mountain Homes. Our agent was very helpful finding us the people we needed such as painters, getting new furnace, etc. She is a lovely, kind and wonderful person. She showed us where to get fried pie. Yum!
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rice
Our agent has been working with us for 10 months and has gone above and beyond with us. We couldn’t be happier with all she has done for us! She isn’t just our agent but a good friend! She made sure house was lit up for our arrival, and hot water was turned on. She was awesome and we couldn’t have done this without her.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Johnson
My agent was on top of everything. She walked me step by step through out of state purchase. I was very satisfied with Carolina Mountain Homes.
Ms. Elzbieta Stayer

Our agents, plus their friend, bought materials and fixed up the house for us! They gave us very good advice when a buyer breached a previous contract. We are very happy and satisfied with everything. Thank Ya’ll!

Mr. and Mrs. Davidson ~ Sellers
Our agent is the most likeable agent we’ve ever worked with. She’s pleasant and very professional. She looked out for our best interest as well as the interest of Carolina Mtn. Homes. She send weekly updates of properties she thought we’d be interested in and she responded to any questions we had in a timely manner. She had a vast knowledge of the properties we wanted to look at and gave us her opinion on them. I’d strongly recommend our agent to anyone looking to purchase property.
Michael and Alexis Hermance
Our agents treated us like family and were just amazing. They truly care about their clients and are always on hand to help. I’d never use, or let anyone I know use, anyone but them! They’re the best!
Patrick Hall
We were very satisfied with Carolina Mountain Homes. Thanks to our agent for all her help in a smooth transaction.
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Midrowsky
Our agent made such great suggestions on neighborhoods and home styles! We found our dream pretty quickly. It was a smooth process and we Thank You!
Jennifer and James Murphy
Our agent was awesome! She kept in contact via phone and e-mail, and advertised regularly. We will use her again with any real estate transactions.
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Porter ~ Sellers
Our agent went above and beyond by providing a virtual tour and informing us what could be done to enhance for viewing.
Richard McIntosh and JoAnn Timmins ~ Sellers
Our agent dealt with us for months and kept such a great attitude, even when we were getting frustrated in finding the perfect home! She is one of the best agents I have ever worked with. She is definitely an asset to your company – DO NOT LET THAT GIRL GO!
Susanne Jones~Buyer
Overall we were Very Satisfied with our agent! We Love Her!!!
Missy and Jason Anderson
My agent was so great about everything – so professional and kind- I was very satisfied.
Glenda Adams
We were very satisfied with our agent. She taught us a lot of what to look for in a home purchase in the mountains, assisted us in getting a mortgage lender and would quickly notify us when a house came on the market we might be interested in. She had great communication.
Dennis and Mary Jo Blakely
We were very satisfied with our agent. From our very first communication, it was evident she was acting with our interests in mind. There are several instances that she came through for us – she’s an excellent representative of what a good Realtor is!
Rex and Carol Russell

My agent communicated with me continually during the sale process. She is an asset to your company and a great person. I’m very satisfied with Carolina Mountain Homes and my agent.

Sylvia Carlisle ~ Seller
My agent set me up with the power and gas companies, and then, since we live out of town, she offered to be there for the gas testing after closing. She is not only a great agent but a new friend as well. She went out of her way over and over to help me with everything that needed to be done.
Linda Jean Denny ~ Buyer
Our agents set aside several days out of their busy schedule to show us properties. They allowed ample time to view all the listings until we found our dream NC home.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dahlberg ~ Buyers
Our agents helped us get our dad’s home on the market by doing some home improvements projects with us. They are more like friends than agents.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Knowles
Our agents went over and above in serving us by providing signs and a comprehensive booklet done quickly. Great job!
Dave and Kathy Ross ~ Sellers
I am more than pleased with the service I received. My agents have a caring attitude and friendly approach. Aggressive
Marion E. Parker
Our agent worked very well with us to find our needs in a mountain cabin. We would definitely use her in the future.
Todd and Donna Digennaro ~ Buyers
Our agent is the best- she gave us great advice and stayed in contact throughout the entire process. I have never had a real estate agent as good as she is.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hall ~ Buyers
Our agent sent us a Lowe’s gift card as a way to say ‘thanks again’. We sure appreciated that
Leigh and Janet Hollins ~ Sellers
My agent was pleasant and efficient and she kept in contact
Maureen Peeling ~ Seller
My agents are an asset to your company and trusted friends. They were there to deal with the clearing of my lot as needed to help sell. I hope to do another deal with them soon
Mark Amos ~ Seller
Our agent met us within a short amount of time from our initial phone call and worked with us most of the day. she sent offer to seller while we waited. We appreciate the time she took with us while looking at the property.
Mr. and Mrs. Randle Willis ~ Buyers