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Autumn Fun in Murphy and Carolina Mountain Homes

Carolina Mountain Homes is looking forward to the beautiful cool weather.  With so many activities going on around this time of the year Murphy, NC and north Georgia are the places you want to visit or make that big move.


Our team of professionals are ready to help you and get you excited about a new home or rental.

Please visit or call us at 828.837.7322 to talk with someone on our team.

In With the New!

Change is inevitable.  The world around us is always changing and now change has come to Carolina Mountain Homes.  We would like to announce that ERA Carolina Mountain Homes is now CAROLINA MOUNTAIN HOMES!  The look, the colors, and definitely, the people are still the same.  But now, we are CAROLINA MOUNTAIN HOMES – a reflection of our heritage and pride in where we are located – these beautiful North Carolina and North Georgia mountains.  With this change comes a renewed dedication to all the things we hold dear: integrity, quality, great customer service, and comprehensive marketing and effective negotiating abilities for all of our clients.  When you walk in or call us at Carolina Mountain Homes, you’ll be sure to get a healthy dose of good ol’ Southern Hospitality, lots of laughs and plenty of smiles!  We are a family of Realtor’s, Realtor Assistant’s and staff here in the office as well as when we are away from the office.  We care about each other and we care about our clients.  Whether you are buying or selling, we will treat you with respect and as our TOP PRIORITY!  We are experienced North Carolina & Georgia Real Estate Professionals.  We have been helping clients to buy and sell their real estate since 1978… and we will continue to do so – that will NEVER CHANGE!  Carolina Mountain Homes is the best full service real estate company you’ll find, for both purchasing land and homes, and for rentals and property management.  So when you are in the market to buy or sell or if you need a rental, please stop in or give us a call and one of our associate brokers, realty assistants or our rental manager will be glad to assist you with whatever your current needs may be.  So stop on in and speak with Joan, Michelle, Mick, Jane, Paula, Suzi, Leslie, Cindi, Tina, or Bonnie and know that first and foremost, you will get a big smile and a friendly “HELLO!”  So from all of us here at CAROLINA MOUNTAIN HOMES, WELCOME TO THE MOUNTAINS! ChangeSign Change 2 Sign Change

Friends Old and New

Friends are an integral part of any move. I know this from experience, since my husband and I have moved numerous times. And this latest move back to my hometown of Murphy, North Carolina is no different. Moving to a new town means leaving old friends behind but also making new ones. For us, moving back to our hometown has given us an opportunity to renew old friendships as well as given us a chance to make new ones. It has been an honor and privilege for me to be able to do both, right here in our ERA Carolina Mountain Home office. While Joan Posey-Neumann, owner of ERA Carolina Mountain Homes, is a long-time friend, I have loved getting to know the rest of the team here. Mick and Jane Goebel are two of the ERA team that my husband and I have recently gotten to know a little better. They have been in Murphy, NC for nearly 20 years. They say it’s the best move they ever made! They became licensed Realtors in 2004 and have been Lifetime Members of the Million Dollar Club since 2009. I’m excited to introduce you to them and I can honestly say, I am thrilled to have made new friends with two such wonderful people. Mick and Jane Goebel are kind and generous and hard working –and their clients will tell you that they are great at what they do! So, here, in their own words, are Mick and Jane Goebel, my NEW friends….
“We love our career in Real Estate. As a team, we work diligently helping people make their dreams come true! Your satisfaction is always our top priority! Our mission is to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients, customers and colleagues by always conducting ourselves and our business in a professional and ethical manor, while providing the most informed real estate services possible.”
You can visit us at our website!
We are most easily reached on our cell phones: 828-361-9443/828-361-9442
Call us today, so together we can begin working on your dream!!
Associate Brokers – Licensed in NC & GA
Members of 2 Multiple Listing Services
Lifetime Member of Million Dollar Club
Chamber of Commerce Members since 2012

Our friends, Mick and Jane Goebel ERA Carolina Mountain Homes

Plan of Action

  • Analyze why you are selling – If you understand your motives, you will be able to better negotiate and to get what it is that you want, whether it be a quick sale, high price, or somewhere in the middle.
  • Prepare your home for the buyer – Maximize the strengths of your property and fix up its weaknesses. You want the buyer to walk away from your home with a lasting good impression.
  • Find a good real estate agent that understands your needs – Make sure that your agent is loyal to you, and can negotiate to help you achieve your goals. In addition, they should be assertive and honest with both you and the buyer.
  • Be prepared for negotiation – Learn and understand your buyer’s situation; what are their motives? Can you demand a big deposit from them? Try to lock in the buyer so that the deal goes through.
  • Negotiate for the best price and the best terms – Learn how to counter offer to get maximum value from every offer.
  • Make sure the contract is accurate and complete – Be honest with your disclosures; you do not want to lose the deal because you were lying or diminishing your home’s defects. Insist the buyers get a professional inspection. This will protect both you and the buyer.