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Autumn Fun in Murphy and Carolina Mountain Homes

Carolina Mountain Homes is looking forward to the beautiful cool weather.  With so many activities going on around this time of the year Murphy, NC and north Georgia are the places you want to visit or make that big move.


Our team of professionals are ready to help you and get you excited about a new home or rental.

Please visit or call us at 828.837.7322 to talk with someone on our team.

In With the New!

Change is inevitable.  The world around us is always changing and now change has come to Carolina Mountain Homes.  We would like to announce that ERA Carolina Mountain Homes is now CAROLINA MOUNTAIN HOMES!  The look, the colors, and definitely, the people are still the same.  But now, we are CAROLINA MOUNTAIN HOMES – a reflection of our heritage and pride in where we are located – these beautiful North Carolina and North Georgia mountains.  With this change comes a renewed dedication to all the things we hold dear: integrity, quality, great customer service, and comprehensive marketing and effective negotiating abilities for all of our clients.  When you walk in or call us at Carolina Mountain Homes, you’ll be sure to get a healthy dose of good ol’ Southern Hospitality, lots of laughs and plenty of smiles!  We are a family of Realtor’s, Realtor Assistant’s and staff here in the office as well as when we are away from the office.  We care about each other and we care about our clients.  Whether you are buying or selling, we will treat you with respect and as our TOP PRIORITY!  We are experienced North Carolina & Georgia Real Estate Professionals.  We have been helping clients to buy and sell their real estate since 1978… and we will continue to do so – that will NEVER CHANGE!  Carolina Mountain Homes is the best full service real estate company you’ll find, for both purchasing land and homes, and for rentals and property management.  So when you are in the market to buy or sell or if you need a rental, please stop in or give us a call and one of our associate brokers, realty assistants or our rental manager will be glad to assist you with whatever your current needs may be.  So stop on in and speak with Joan, Michelle, Mick, Jane, Paula, Suzi, Leslie, Cindi, Tina, or Bonnie and know that first and foremost, you will get a big smile and a friendly “HELLO!”  So from all of us here at CAROLINA MOUNTAIN HOMES, WELCOME TO THE MOUNTAINS! ChangeSign Change 2 Sign Change

Local Resources

For most of us who are involved in the middle of a move, “Local Resources” aren’t at the forefront of our minds.  But eventually, we must ask ourselves, as well as others, about local resources.  Things such as where to vote, where to take our trash, where to get or renew our driver’s license and which electricity, phone, water, and internet should we choose, are all very important things to know.  These days, you can find most anything you need on the internet and this is true of local resources also.  Here at ERA Carolina Mountain Homes, we have thought of everything the new (or not so new) homeowner might need- including a list of resources right at your fingertips!  So this week, our blog will address an issue every home buyer will eventually face.  Here is a partial list of important resources you, as a home buyer, will need once you get settled, or even before.  You can find the complete list of links to all this and more on our website and be sure to stop by the office at 5530 Hwy 64 West in Murphy, NC to pick up an Area Resource Guide!   While you’re in our office, our friendly staff will be glad to assist you with all your realty and relocating needs.

  • Local Colleges and Schools
    • Tri-County Community College
    • Western Carolina University
    • Young Harris College
    • Cherokee County Schools
  • Local Organizations
    • Andrews Chamber of Commerce
    • Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce
    • Visit Cherokee County
    • Heritage Partners of Cherokee County
    • North Carolina Cooperative Extension Office
  • State Government
    • State of North Carolina
    • Department of Revenue
    • Department of Transportation
    • Division of Motor Vehicles
    • State Library
  • Utilities
    • Power
      • Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Corporation
      • Tri-State
      • Murphy Power Board
      • Duke Energy
    • TV/Cable/Internet
      • Blue Ridge Mountain EMC
      • The Cable Company
      • Sky Tech
    • Phone
      • Blue Ridge Mountain EMC
      • Frontier
    • Water
      • Murphy
      • Andrews

Local Resources

Murphy, NC local resources

Resources in Murphy, NC

Sensory Experience

Have you ever had a sensory experience?  Since moving back to Cherokee County, NC, and particularly to the Murphy area, my new pastime has become a sensory experience of “Porch Sitting” and “Star Gazing!” I didn’t realize how I had missed the cool night air, gentle breezes and all those incredible stars. While taking our regular early evening walk, my husband and I discussed all the wonderful things about mountain living and how we feel so blessed to be able to live in a place that offers so much. Oh yes, there are the usual things, such as, hiking, biking, camping, and water sports, etc. But have you ever noticed all the sensory experiences here in the mountains of Western North Carolina? Things that you hear, see or experience that you don’t normally see, hear or experience in your day to day living. So my question to you today is this: Have you ever… gazed up into the sky and been overwhelmed with the thousands of stars twinkling above your head? Or just sat in the still quietness of the night with your spouse and listened to the rushing creek as it makes its way to the river? Have you ever heard the lonely sound of a whippoorwill calling out into the dark or watched as the lightning bugs rise from the dewy grass and begin their nightly ritual of flickering to each other as they fill up the trees so much that they look like Christmas trees twinkling? Or watched as a thunderstorm makes its way across the mountain, drenching everything in sight? These things can only be experienced firsthand. I can describe them to you but only you can experience them. There’s so much more to tell and describe, such as the playful hummingbird as it streaks across the lawn in search of nectar, bull frogs as they croak and splash in the creek, crickets chirping happily, hawks soaring high above the field searching for their next meal, and so much more. As my husband and I relax on our porch, we watch as the evening shadow creeps across the field, soon to be climbing the mountain as night falls – and we are thankful and we are grateful for the full sensory experience that comes with living in these wonderful Western North Carolina Mountains. So my next question is to you: What are you waiting for?!?! Make your plans and make your way to the mountains of Cherokee County, North Carolina and meet with a realtor TODAY! There’s one waiting at ERA Carolina Mountain Homes in Murphy, NC!! They’ll be glad to help you find your vacation home, summer home or full time home. Your very own Sensory Experience is waiting…. sensory experience 1 sensory experience 2 sensory experience 3

Friends Old and New

Friends are an integral part of any move. I know this from experience, since my husband and I have moved numerous times. And this latest move back to my hometown of Murphy, North Carolina is no different. Moving to a new town means leaving old friends behind but also making new ones. For us, moving back to our hometown has given us an opportunity to renew old friendships as well as given us a chance to make new ones. It has been an honor and privilege for me to be able to do both, right here in our ERA Carolina Mountain Home office. While Joan Posey-Neumann, owner of ERA Carolina Mountain Homes, is a long-time friend, I have loved getting to know the rest of the team here. Mick and Jane Goebel are two of the ERA team that my husband and I have recently gotten to know a little better. They have been in Murphy, NC for nearly 20 years. They say it’s the best move they ever made! They became licensed Realtors in 2004 and have been Lifetime Members of the Million Dollar Club since 2009. I’m excited to introduce you to them and I can honestly say, I am thrilled to have made new friends with two such wonderful people. Mick and Jane Goebel are kind and generous and hard working –and their clients will tell you that they are great at what they do! So, here, in their own words, are Mick and Jane Goebel, my NEW friends….
“We love our career in Real Estate. As a team, we work diligently helping people make their dreams come true! Your satisfaction is always our top priority! Our mission is to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients, customers and colleagues by always conducting ourselves and our business in a professional and ethical manor, while providing the most informed real estate services possible.”
You can visit us at our website!
We are most easily reached on our cell phones: 828-361-9443/828-361-9442
Call us today, so together we can begin working on your dream!!
Associate Brokers – Licensed in NC & GA
Members of 2 Multiple Listing Services
Lifetime Member of Million Dollar Club
Chamber of Commerce Members since 2012

Our friends, Mick and Jane Goebel ERA Carolina Mountain Homes


Community….it’s what we’re here for. Are you looking for a community to belong to? Here in the mountains, we know what it means to be a community. We are a close knit family here in the Murphy and Cherokee County area. We work together, worship together, play sports, hang out, and eat together. Family functions are a regular thing and family doesn’t just mean your relatives. Here, neighbors become like family, co-workers become like family, the people in our churches become like family. We know how to care for each other and we know how to give people their space. A trip to the grocery store or to Walmart becomes a meet & greet and a time to catch up with those you’ve not seen in a while. If you need a helping hand, someone in your circle has got your back. The shop keepers, business owners and store clerks smile when you enter their store. They ask about your family and say a friendly, “Come again!” and “Have a nice day!” as you leave. Are you looking for something different? Maybe a slower pace of life? Then maybe Murphy, North Carolina is the place for you! We are proud of what we have to offer and we’re not ashamed to tell you so. To us, it’s important to slow down and take time for our neighbors, friends and family. And it’s important to us to take time to get to know those that are new in our area. I know from experience, you just can’t put a price tag on some things; having good neighbors is one of them! Our neighbors took the time to get to know us when we moved in to the area and for that, I am grateful –I love my neighbors! They are friendly and kind and are glad to have us in their community. I wouldn’t trade it for the world –community is important and our neighbors are special here in the mountains of this wonderful little Western North Carolina town!

Arieal view of Murphy, country roads facebook_1459215989579 Country roads in the community

Getting to know Downtown Murphy

In our current series, we want to introduce our downtown and around neighbors. A few weeks ago we introduced you to one of our agents and last week you met Darcy Bristol from Infinity Salon and Spa. This week we’d like to introduce you to another friend of ours- Nancy Lane. Nancy has been in business for 26 years in various roles here in Murphy. She’s been in banking, real estate and with the Chamber of Commerce. For the last two years, she’s been the manager of the Murphy and Andrews Visitor’s Center. Her background in real estate gave her the perfect opportunity to promote Cherokee County when she was fortunate enough to be chosen as manager of the Murphy Visitor’s Center. Her realtor experience helped her greatly in welcoming visitors and providing area information. And now at the Murphy Visitor’s Center, not only does she meet and greet visitors, but she also promotes the area with a terrific website, Facebook page, Trip Advisor and other social media. Nancy says the favorite part of her job is watching people fall in love with both of our unique towns and hearing them talk about all of the fun things to do here and especially, seeing how friendly the people are. Nancy and her husband Dannie, came to Murphy from Florida and as they drove through and stopped to check their motor home, they had three people stop to see if they needed help. In Nancy’s own words, “Everyone was so friendly, the area is breathtakingly beautiful and we ended up buying the 3rd piece of property we looked at. Took a few years to move permanently but we absolutely love this area and can’t imagine living anywhere else.” Her favorite part of Murphy is her farm, the friends they’ve made over the years and the absolute beauty of the area.” She says that “…while we don’t have shopping malls, we do have everything you could possibly need so come check out Cherokee County, North Carolina and while you’re at it, check out our website and Like us on Facebook!”

FB_IMG_145857492692120160318_160124 index

Getting to know you…

Do you ever have trouble finding a hair stylist when you’ve just moved into a new area? I always struggle with that. After moving back to Murphy and, after a few bad haircuts, my husband suggested I try Infinity the Salon and Spa at 308 Hill St. in Murphy because he thought it looked like a place I would like. And boy was he right! Let me introduce you to her… or better yet, I’ll let her introduce herself. So here, in her own words, I give you Darcy Bristol!
How long have you been in business in Murphy?
We have been in business for nine years. I was involved in another salon here in Murphy, when I stumbled on the beautiful gem that is now known as Infinity. It was a lonely brick home in need of some serious love and TLC. After a few months and an extensive renovation, we opened for business in April of 2007.

Why did you choose this line of work and what background/education do you have?
After I was graduated from high school I moved to Gainesville, Florida and completed a cosmetology program at Santa Fe Community College in 1996. I worked at an amazing salon in Gainesville for a year under the tutelage of an educator for Rusk, Toni and Guy, and Paul Mitchell. My mentor, Carl Galombos, gave me the confidence and skills to succeed. He helped me to be able to create any vision my clients desired. There is no feeling better than the happiness that can be brought to someone by making them look AND feel good. I did try various jobs and career paths for a few years; construction, the food industry, car sales, none of which filled in me the desire to help people. In 2006 I decided to expand my breadth of knowledge and went to massage therapy school in Cleveland, Tennessee. I completed the program with high honors and a love for bodywork. Again, making people feel good has become my passion. It has been said if you truly love what you do, you never work a day in your life!

What brought you to Murphy?
I came to Murphy to visit in 1996. My parents had purchased a home here after leaving the Florida Keys. My original impression was the beauty. I’ll never forget the time I stepped out onto their deck and took in the view. The lake nestled into the backdrop of the mountains with the mist lifting into the air after a rainstorm took my breath away. This place is absolutely gorgeous. It is small and quaint and peaceful. It is this that I took back to Gainesville after my first visit. I couldn’t escape the fact that these mountains were “calling” to me. I moved here permanently a year later.

Do you have any other information you wish to share with the public?
At Infinity we strive to provide you with a service you will truly remember. We offer spa services including; Eminence Organic Skin Care facials, massages, body treatments, manicures, pedicures, airbrush tanning, eyelash and eyebrow extensions, and body and facial hair removal. We also offer a full salon menu including; expert haircuts, hair color, permanent waves and straighteners. Our staff is truly passionate about the work they do, which comes through in how you look and feel leaving our facility.

We would like to offer to anyone viewing this post 20% off any service with us. We guarantee you will not be disappointed!

There you have it – Please visit their website and get to know them.   And by the way, tell them you saw it here!