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January 2017 in the Great Smoky Mountains

If you haven’t been to the mountains in the winter now is the time.  The views are just as lovely in January as in fall.  The one big difference is that you can see through the trees for miles.

Carolina Mountain Homes has many homes for sale or rent available now.  So pick yourself a log week-end and come join all the wonderful people in the mountains.  The folks around here are some of the friendliest in the world.

Carolina Mountain Homes looks forward to seeing you and hopefully very soon.


Autumn Fun in Murphy and Carolina Mountain Homes

Carolina Mountain Homes is looking forward to the beautiful cool weather.  With so many activities going on around this time of the year Murphy, NC and north Georgia are the places you want to visit or make that big move.


Our team of professionals are ready to help you and get you excited about a new home or rental.

Please visit or call us at 828.837.7322 to talk with someone on our team.

In With the New!

Change is inevitable.  The world around us is always changing and now change has come to Carolina Mountain Homes.  We would like to announce that ERA Carolina Mountain Homes is now CAROLINA MOUNTAIN HOMES!  The look, the colors, and definitely, the people are still the same.  But now, we are CAROLINA MOUNTAIN HOMES – a reflection of our heritage and pride in where we are located – these beautiful North Carolina and North Georgia mountains.  With this change comes a renewed dedication to all the things we hold dear: integrity, quality, great customer service, and comprehensive marketing and effective negotiating abilities for all of our clients.  When you walk in or call us at Carolina Mountain Homes, you’ll be sure to get a healthy dose of good ol’ Southern Hospitality, lots of laughs and plenty of smiles!  We are a family of Realtor’s, Realtor Assistant’s and staff here in the office as well as when we are away from the office.  We care about each other and we care about our clients.  Whether you are buying or selling, we will treat you with respect and as our TOP PRIORITY!  We are experienced North Carolina & Georgia Real Estate Professionals.  We have been helping clients to buy and sell their real estate since 1978… and we will continue to do so – that will NEVER CHANGE!  Carolina Mountain Homes is the best full service real estate company you’ll find, for both purchasing land and homes, and for rentals and property management.  So when you are in the market to buy or sell or if you need a rental, please stop in or give us a call and one of our associate brokers, realty assistants or our rental manager will be glad to assist you with whatever your current needs may be.  So stop on in and speak with Joan, Michelle, Mick, Jane, Paula, Suzi, Leslie, Cindi, Tina, or Bonnie and know that first and foremost, you will get a big smile and a friendly “HELLO!”  So from all of us here at CAROLINA MOUNTAIN HOMES, WELCOME TO THE MOUNTAINS! ChangeSign Change 2 Sign Change

Local Resources

For most of us who are involved in the middle of a move, “Local Resources” aren’t at the forefront of our minds.  But eventually, we must ask ourselves, as well as others, about local resources.  Things such as where to vote, where to take our trash, where to get or renew our driver’s license and which electricity, phone, water, and internet should we choose, are all very important things to know.  These days, you can find most anything you need on the internet and this is true of local resources also.  Here at ERA Carolina Mountain Homes, we have thought of everything the new (or not so new) homeowner might need- including a list of resources right at your fingertips!  So this week, our blog will address an issue every home buyer will eventually face.  Here is a partial list of important resources you, as a home buyer, will need once you get settled, or even before.  You can find the complete list of links to all this and more on our website and be sure to stop by the office at 5530 Hwy 64 West in Murphy, NC to pick up an Area Resource Guide!   While you’re in our office, our friendly staff will be glad to assist you with all your realty and relocating needs.

  • Local Colleges and Schools
    • Tri-County Community College
    • Western Carolina University
    • Young Harris College
    • Cherokee County Schools
  • Local Organizations
    • Andrews Chamber of Commerce
    • Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce
    • Visit Cherokee County
    • Heritage Partners of Cherokee County
    • North Carolina Cooperative Extension Office
  • State Government
    • State of North Carolina
    • Department of Revenue
    • Department of Transportation
    • Division of Motor Vehicles
    • State Library
  • Utilities
    • Power
      • Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Corporation
      • Tri-State
      • Murphy Power Board
      • Duke Energy
    • TV/Cable/Internet
      • Blue Ridge Mountain EMC
      • The Cable Company
      • Sky Tech
    • Phone
      • Blue Ridge Mountain EMC
      • Frontier
    • Water
      • Murphy
      • Andrews

Local Resources

Murphy, NC local resources

Resources in Murphy, NC

ERA Team Member Pam Keough

This week we want to introduce Pam Keough, another staff member at ERA Carolina Mountain Homes.  She is a vital member of the ERA Team!  She is the first line of contact with the public, both over the phone and in the office – She is the front desk/office assistant and here’s her story! I know you are going to enjoy reading about Pam and we hope you’ll give her a call soon!

Hello! My family and I moved from Bradenton FL to the Hiwassee Dam community of Murphy in 1993. We loved the countryside and mountains, simpler life style, school, and caring, thoughtful and generous people that make up the community.

In 2004 we moved just over the state line to Blairsville GA – Blairsville is also a great place to live for both its similarities to Murphy and its own uniqueness.

I was a stay-at-home mom for many years, a school volunteer, substitute teacher for the Cherokee county school system, and taught piano to 30 children and adults in the Hiwassee Dam community.

My re-entry into full time employment outside of the home began in 2003 as a real estate agent assistant. In 2007 I started working at ERA Carolina Mountain Homes and I celebrated my 9th anniversary as receptionist/office assistant in January of this year. It has been a special blessing working for Joan Posey and in such a family oriented, professional, yet relaxed and often jovial environment. There is a strong team spirit here at ERA which enables us to provide an excellent, full-service experience for our customers.

Give us a call at 828-837-7322 with your real estate needs and you’ll likely hear me say, “Hello, ERA Carolina Mountain Homes, this is Pam, how may I help you?”

Talk to you soon!

Please check out our website for all your real estate and property management needs!ERA Team member Pam KeoughPam Keough Pam-Keough-300x280

Sensory Experience

Have you ever had a sensory experience?  Since moving back to Cherokee County, NC, and particularly to the Murphy area, my new pastime has become a sensory experience of “Porch Sitting” and “Star Gazing!” I didn’t realize how I had missed the cool night air, gentle breezes and all those incredible stars. While taking our regular early evening walk, my husband and I discussed all the wonderful things about mountain living and how we feel so blessed to be able to live in a place that offers so much. Oh yes, there are the usual things, such as, hiking, biking, camping, and water sports, etc. But have you ever noticed all the sensory experiences here in the mountains of Western North Carolina? Things that you hear, see or experience that you don’t normally see, hear or experience in your day to day living. So my question to you today is this: Have you ever… gazed up into the sky and been overwhelmed with the thousands of stars twinkling above your head? Or just sat in the still quietness of the night with your spouse and listened to the rushing creek as it makes its way to the river? Have you ever heard the lonely sound of a whippoorwill calling out into the dark or watched as the lightning bugs rise from the dewy grass and begin their nightly ritual of flickering to each other as they fill up the trees so much that they look like Christmas trees twinkling? Or watched as a thunderstorm makes its way across the mountain, drenching everything in sight? These things can only be experienced firsthand. I can describe them to you but only you can experience them. There’s so much more to tell and describe, such as the playful hummingbird as it streaks across the lawn in search of nectar, bull frogs as they croak and splash in the creek, crickets chirping happily, hawks soaring high above the field searching for their next meal, and so much more. As my husband and I relax on our porch, we watch as the evening shadow creeps across the field, soon to be climbing the mountain as night falls – and we are thankful and we are grateful for the full sensory experience that comes with living in these wonderful Western North Carolina Mountains. So my next question is to you: What are you waiting for?!?! Make your plans and make your way to the mountains of Cherokee County, North Carolina and meet with a realtor TODAY! There’s one waiting at ERA Carolina Mountain Homes in Murphy, NC!! They’ll be glad to help you find your vacation home, summer home or full time home. Your very own Sensory Experience is waiting…. sensory experience 1 sensory experience 2 sensory experience 3

Old Friends and Animal Lovers

One of the things I love most about moving home is reconnecting with old friends.  This week I had just such an opportunity as I talked with my good friend Jimmy Nix.  My husband and I went to school and graduated with Jimmy.  He and my husband both went into the Air Force right out of high school and of course, we lost touch.  Jimmy moved back to this area long before we did and now owns and runs a local business in downtown Murphy.  This week I want to highlight his business, Mountain Pets and Water Gardens.  Jimmy has been in business here in Murphy for 30 years and believes they might be one of the longest running businesses in downtown Murphy.  He has chosen this line of work because he loves the pets and their owners.  He also wanted to own and operate his own business and contribute to the local economy.  While serving in the United States Air Force in Japan, he learned about pond fish from the breeders there.  He had always been an animal lover and has had many different pets so it was a natural choice for him when he moved back to Murphy.   While he enjoys many of the aspects of owning and operating a business, his favorite part is the pond fish.  He also enjoys having his business in the downtown area and says that the town square is his favorite part of Murphy.  Mountain Pets and Water Gardens post promotions on their Facebook page from time to time and would like you to check it here for the next one.  I am so glad to have reconnected with my friend and now I know more about his business.  I too, am an animal lover and now I know there’s a great place in Murphy, NC to get all my pet supplies.  I highly recommend Mountain Pets and Water Gardens for all your pet supplies too!

Animal Lover Mountain pets 2 Mountain Pets

Art from the Heart

The first Friday night of the month from May to October downtown Murphy holds an art walk.  This past Friday night we had the first one of the season.  (You can read about it HERE)  The business owner’s open their doors, put out their merchandise, set out snacks and drinks and welcome the town’s people to browse, eat and enjoy the fellowship with each other.  Inside the Murphy Visitor’s Center we had an art party where we painted a picture of a sunflower.  I’ve never felt as if I was very creative before but living here in these beautiful mountains has given me a lot to think about.  I’ve always heard that this is God’s country and growing up here, I never really thought much about it.  Now that I’m back, I see this place in a different way.  The beauty and nature surrounds me and everywhere I turn I’m amazed.  I encounter people on a daily basis that are experiencing Murphy for the first time.  They tell me how beautiful it is here and how amazed they are by the mountains, streams, lakes, and trails.  They also tell me about how the people they meet are so friendly and helpful.  That makes me proud to call Murphy, NC “HOME!”  I truly believe that the Creator and the creation give us something – something deep within us that makes us want to grow and become something better, someone better.  I believe that nature, this beauty and space, gives us a creative spirit and a place to become a creative person.  Now, I’m not saying that my sunflower would win any awards, but just the fact that I was able to complete it gave me hope!  I think everyone has something inside them that makes them creative in one way or another.  Here in these mountains, these glorious, beautiful mountains, drink in the beauty and let it speak to your heart and dare to create something wonderful – dare to become someone greater, better and beautiful!

Sunset Art Hiwassee Dam and lake art sunflower pic art

Truly a Team

Being part of a team is important no matter what season of life you are in.  It begins in childhood and continues on through our adult life.  Being a team player, on and off the field, is ingrained in us throughout our life, and for good reason.  Here at ERA Carolina Mountain Homes, we are truly a team – from the owner, Joan Posey-Neumann, to the realtors and the staff.  It’s more than just a working relationship in the office.  Here, you are family!  We eat together, work together, share life’s ups and downs and truly have fun together!  So this week I’d like to introduce one of the staff members that plays an important part of the ERA Team- Cindi Cappello.  Cindi is our rental manager here in the office and she does a phenomenal job.  Cindi is an animal lover; she especially loves dogs!  She also loves Cardinals and does a great job painting them.  She is good with crafts, intelligent, and is a great fit here at ERA.  She loves getting to meet new people and enjoys this line of work because every day is different.  She joined the company in 2010 after moving here from Florida in 2007.  She has a BS in Early Childhood Education and a background in rental management.  Her favorite part of living in the mountains of Western North Carolina is having four seasons.  Cindi says she loves the area because of its small town charm, friendly people and mild winters.  One of her favorite things about her job is knowing that when you’re a part of ERA Carolina Mountain Homes, you are truly part of a TEAM – A TEAM that cares about its customers and clients and a team that cares about its community!  While I have only been a part of ERA since September, I can honestly say that working with this group of people has been a blast- and I have certainly enjoyed getting to know Cindi Cappello!  So if you’re planning a trip or a move to the mountains and find yourself in need of a rental, either long or short term, remember to check us out on our website (or here) or give us a call at ERA Carolina Mountain Homes (828-837-7322) and ask for Cindi!

ERA Team Cindi - team memberTeam Cardinal

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