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Sensory Experience

Have you ever had a sensory experience?  Since moving back to Cherokee County, NC, and particularly to the Murphy area, my new pastime has become a sensory experience of “Porch Sitting” and “Star Gazing!” I didn’t realize how I had missed the cool night air, gentle breezes and all those incredible stars. While taking our regular early evening walk, my husband and I discussed all the wonderful things about mountain living and how we feel so blessed to be able to live in a place that offers so much. Oh yes, there are the usual things, such as, hiking, biking, camping, and water sports, etc. But have you ever noticed all the sensory experiences here in the mountains of Western North Carolina? Things that you hear, see or experience that you don’t normally see, hear or experience in your day to day living. So my question to you today is this: Have you ever… gazed up into the sky and been overwhelmed with the thousands of stars twinkling above your head? Or just sat in the still quietness of the night with your spouse and listened to the rushing creek as it makes its way to the river? Have you ever heard the lonely sound of a whippoorwill calling out into the dark or watched as the lightning bugs rise from the dewy grass and begin their nightly ritual of flickering to each other as they fill up the trees so much that they look like Christmas trees twinkling? Or watched as a thunderstorm makes its way across the mountain, drenching everything in sight? These things can only be experienced firsthand. I can describe them to you but only you can experience them. There’s so much more to tell and describe, such as the playful hummingbird as it streaks across the lawn in search of nectar, bull frogs as they croak and splash in the creek, crickets chirping happily, hawks soaring high above the field searching for their next meal, and so much more. As my husband and I relax on our porch, we watch as the evening shadow creeps across the field, soon to be climbing the mountain as night falls – and we are thankful and we are grateful for the full sensory experience that comes with living in these wonderful Western North Carolina Mountains. So my next question is to you: What are you waiting for?!?! Make your plans and make your way to the mountains of Cherokee County, North Carolina and meet with a realtor TODAY! There’s one waiting at ERA Carolina Mountain Homes in Murphy, NC!! They’ll be glad to help you find your vacation home, summer home or full time home. Your very own Sensory Experience is waiting…. sensory experience 1 sensory experience 2 sensory experience 3

Posted by: Carolina Mountain Homes on June 8, 2016